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Why were the Cardinals wearing Uniforms with Blue for Fathers day

For Fathers Day, the St. Louis Cardinals were wearing a special uniform. Normally the Cardinals are wearing jersey’s with red markings and numbers and red baseball hats. For this year’s Fathers Day, the uniforms were sporting blue lettering and numbers on the Cardinals jersey, and blue caps.

Why are the Cardinals wearing Uniforms with Blue for Fathers day

The Cardinals will be wearing powder blue hats and jerseys with powder blue details as the Father’s Day weekend festivities begin. The colors are to raise awareness for prostate cancer.

St. Louis Cardinals wearing blue uniforms, jerseys and hats
St. Louis Cardinals wearing blue uniforms, jerseys, and hats. Screenshot from

Cardinal Fans want to know what’s up with the blue

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St. Louis Cardinals jersey search query demand

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We can’t wait for next years Fathers Day, or other special uniforms worn on the field by the St. Louis Cardinals and all other MLB teams.

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What bridge is on Golden State Warriors logo

With the Golden State Warriors playing the NBA finals, there is an increase in interest for what bridge is on the Golden State Warriors logo. The Presence Content on the WeAreFanatics blog is working out just as intended. Apparently, not all Warriors fans know which of the Bay Area bridges is prominently displayed on the Warriors jersey as part of its logo. New Warrior fans find the post about the evolution of the Golden State Warriors logo, which has a handy overview of the Warriors logo through the years.

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what bridge is on golden state warriors logo search terms

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what bridge is on golden state warriors logo

what bridge is on golden state warriors logo


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